Tour participants must:

* Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your work during the tour.

* Have a substantial body of your own original work available to display and sell on the Tour weekend. No other artistsí work (unless tour guest) can be available to the public at your location on Tour weekend.

* Be located to accommodate substantial traffic during the tour.

* Distribute brochures provided by the Studio Tour to your clients and to assigned locations throughout the year.

* Provide your email address.

* On the Wednesday following the Tour, there will be a meeting for making the Door Prize draw. Bring your Door Prize, arrows and flags to the meeting. If you plan to participate in the Tour next year, keep your signs (if you can store them), otherwise, return them as well.

* Attend both general meetings (spring and fall), called by the Tour executive.

* Be prepared to contribute to the Tour in a volunteer capacity. See page 5

* Display Tour signs about a week prior to the Tour if your location is appropriate for sign display.

* Have adequate liability insurance not less than $2,000,000. See page 4

* Non compliance with any of these conditions may result in exclusion from future Tours.

Tour participants will receive:

* Representation in a full-colour brochure guide to the Studio Tourís artists, and distributed throughout Spring and Summer. Each participantís section will consist of one image, name, location and contact information.

* Representation on the Tour website - - one web page per artist to include same information from the brochure plus 3 images of the artistís work with links to participantís own web site.

* Signage for the Tour to display on your own property and surrounding area.

* E-mail invitations promoting the Tour to forward to your clients.

* Brochures for distribution from April until the Tour.

* Posters for distribution from July until the Tour.

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