Tweed & Area Studio Tour Insurance Waiver:

Artist Name __________________________________________________________________

Business Name (if applicable) ___________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________ Postal Code _________________

Phone _________________________________

The Tweed & Area Studio Tour does not carry group insurance for the Tour. Responsibility for insurance coverage including public liability and property insurance, for activities associated with the Tour including but not limited to travel to and from Tour venues and Tour meetings, is the responsibility of each participant. Therefore, each participant, including each guest artist and gallery, is required to sign the following waiver.

I (print name) _________________________________________ the undersigned, understand the following:
Insurance coverage, both public liability and property insurance, is my sole responsibility.
I may be required to provide proof of insurance.
I agree to hold the Tweed & Area Studio Tour organizing committee harmless from any claims, including but not limited to those for personal injury sustained by myself or any Tour visitor, or damage to my property, that arise as a result of my participation in the Tour. This waiver is binding on my successors, legal representatives and assigns.

Date: _________________________ Signature: ____________________________________

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